Update from the PLANZ Executive

Posted on Feb 20, 2019

This update farewells and welcomes new executive and provider members, gives details of the April provider conference, as well as changes to attestation and accreditation.

Farewell of Camilla from the Exec

At the end of 2018 we farewelled Camilla Highfield from the PLANZ national executive. Camilla has been the co-chair of the national executive since we began and she contributed significant thinking and effort towards PLANZ success. We will miss her enthusiasm, humour and considered viewpoints. We wish her well in her new role in the academic area of The University of Auckland. 

Welcoming Michael as new Co-Chair for EM

Also at the end of 2018 Michael Absolum agreed to be the co-chair of the national executive working alongside our other co-chair Nichole Gully. Both Michael and Nichole have made significant contributions to PLANZ since our beginnings and we look forward to a great partnership progressing PLANZ forward as PLD evolves over the coming years.

Provider Conference - Te Whakarua Kākā

PLANZ national executive are working in a collaborative partnership with the Ministry of Education to bring the PLD provider conference together on 16 and 17 April in Wellington at the James Cook Hotel. Our website has further information and links for registering to attend the conference. We look forward to seeing you there.

Changes to attestation/accreditation

PLANZ has made a number of responses to the Ministry's suggested attestation and accreditation processes recently announced. We have had regular discussions with the Ministry and feel our thinking has contributed to the suggested new processes. Our responses have been shared with members of PLANZ via email.

New members for PLANZ

Since the beginning of 2019 we have had six new members join PLANZ from around Aotearoa New Zealand. Several of these new members are sole traders, which is exciting as they will provide the national executive with a variety of experiences and thinking that can only positively  contribute to PLANZ work.

Update on Executive membership

Our national executive has four Māori Medium representatives and six English Medium representatives. We are currently looking for two Māori Medium national executive members. The details of national executive members are available on this website.