January 2021 Update

Posted on Feb 23, 2021

Update on National Executive

Our national executive continues to meet online every three weeks to ensure PLANZ is proactively working with current information when promoting and advocating for PLD providers.

Details of who our national executive members are is available on the 2021 National Executive Members page.


Tama and Helen

Tama Kirikiri and Helen Cooper are our co-chairs of PLANZ and have instigated regular meetings with the Ministry of Education to share PLANZ members' concerns, highlights and other useful information towards maintaining a high quality PLD system.


Farewell and Thank You to Ian

Ian Stevens was farewelled by the national executive at the end of 2020. Ian was a vital part of setting up PLANZ and has taken an active role in ensuring PLANZ remains focused on supporting PLD providers across both English Medium and Māori Medium. We were privileged to have Ian’s wisdom and experience in setting up our constitution and completing all the legal requirements for establishing PLANZ. His reflective and astute comments will be missed by our national executive. Our best wishes go to Ian for a long and fulfilling retirement.


Reflection on 2020 and the role of PLANZ supporting  providers through COVID

2020 became largely focused on supporting providers and liaising with the Ministry through the lockdown and response to COVID 19. Regular opportunities to connect online with providers were well attended and provided opportunities to raise questions, share experiences and discuss with the Ministry the impact of COVID 19 on the sector and how best we could support Tumuaki and Kaiako throughout Aotearoa. In September we surveyed members about their experiences of distance PLD whilst schools and kura were in lockdown due to CPVID 19. The results of this survey were shared with the Ministry to contribute to future policy development. Some overall comments and recommendations are as follows

Respondents’ general comments revealed that most agreed that a blended approach to PLD using both virtual and in person delivery is effective. However, there is a caveat that it is important to establish relationships in person before moving into virtual delivery. There was common agreement that one size does not fit all when it comes to working in schools and kura, so the method of engagement needs to be carefully agreed. PLD must be responsive to the school’s or kura and the individual learner’s needs.


At the current time, we are still in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We recommend that the Ministry engage with the PLD sector to maximize the learnings from this period and that the Ministry does not make any across-the-board structural changes to travel at this time.

At the end of 2020 we surveyed members to gather their thoughts and reflections on the vision for PLANZ and how best we can support providers and the wider community in 2021. This will inform our work programme going forward. If you would like to add your voice please contact Jill Parfit our secretary at secretary@planz.org.nz 


Update on Membership

During 2020 our membership steadily increased and we now have 26 PLD organisations as members ranging from sole providers of PLD to larger PLD organisations. The national executive is delighted that an increased number of smaller PLD providers have decided to join PLANZ as these organisations bring a diverse range of experiences to PLANZ.

What's coming up?.... PLD Resources


Invitation to have input

If you would like to contribute items for our news updates please email them to secretary@planz.org.nz